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We can turn manure into Renewable Natural Gas and royalty payments

With over a decade of personal experience converting manure derived anaerobic digester gas and landfill gas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), our mission is to enable the American farmer to convert a liability into an income stream.  Our team helped pioneer the design and operations of dairy manure based RNG plants and we understand the profit drivers and mistakes to avoid in converting animal waste to a beneficial fuel.  We can assess the viability of a RNG project at your dairy or swine farm and have the expertise to make it happen.

About us
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Our staff has over a decade of experience developing, constructing, and operating dairy and landfill renewable natural gas projects in the United States.  Novilla RNG's unique approach contracts projects directly with the farmer, avoiding go-betweens that minimize potential royalty payments.  Dairy farms are provided with a free, transparent evaluation of an RNG project on their farm and how much revenue each party expects to receive. Our experience and structure allows projects to reach commercial operation up to a year earlier than some other developers, delivering a royalty stream sooner for the dairy farm.

Dairy Farmers
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Novilla RNG can provide a free valuation of an RNG project at your farm

News and Events

Jared Williams joins Novilla RNG - Company to Develop and Operate Biogas Projects​ 


Effective April 19, Jared Williams has joined the Novilla RNG team as Co-CEO.   Read more about Novilla RNG's transition to development, ownership, and operations of biogas projects here:



How to mess up a biogas project

Free Webinar - 6/22/2021 at 3:00 PM

Doesn't Novilla RNG pride itself on building and operating working RNG projects?  We do, but the best way to learn is from mistakes, preferably others' mistakes.

Free webinar focused on the reality of biogas/renewable natural gas projects - many don't work.   This webinar will cover what to look out for from a dairy farmer's perspective and a developer's perspective - technically, contractually, and relationship wise.

Renewable Natural Gas - A Farmer's Perspective 

Free webinar focused on what the benefits and drawbacks are for dairy farmers as they consider a renewable natural gas project.  Learn what questions to ask a developer, what makes an RNG project at a dairy farm more profitable than at other farms, and what range of royalties a farm can expect.  We will also be discussing how to structure contracts to protect your downside if the project turns out poorly.