About Novilla RNG

Our People

Mark Hill


Mark Hill has been involved in landfill gas and anaerobic digesters for more than a decade.  As Vice President of Operations at DTE Biomass Energy, Mark was responsible for the safety, management, and profitability of 21 Landfill Gas to Energy Projects and 7 Dairy Manure to Vehicle Fuel projects  - one of the largest portfolios in the industry.  In this role he helped launch the first seven dairy anaerobic digester to vehicle fuel projects in Wisconsin, including the first virtual pipeline project that uses CNG trailers to move RNG from remote locations not on an interstate pipeline (American Biogas Council's 2019 Project of the Year).  Mark has presented best operating practices at several confrences, including the Solid Waste Association of North America, the EPA's LMOP program, and at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.


Prior to working for DTE Energy, Mark worked in the cement industry and was an officer in the Michigan Army National Guard. Over his twelve years in the Army, Captain Hill served in many roles, including Logistics Officer and Cavalry Troop Commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mark has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Jared Williams 


Jared Williams has more than a decade of experience managing 10 dairy projects and 20 landfill gas projects across the country.  As Vice President of Operations for DTE Biomass Energy,  Jared led an 80 person team that saw plant on-stream rates above 90% across its fleet.  Jared's dairy RNG projects were some of the first in the country to receive a provisional CI score from the California Air Resources Board and have been among the most successful built to date.  Jared began his career managing landfill gas collections systems while earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Arizona State and his MBA from University of Michigan.  

Prior to joining Novilla RNG and DTE Biomass Energy, Jared led religious missions and managed a landfill gas collection system in Phoenix, Arizona.