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If you are a large dairy farm, there is a good chance you have had many developers visit, often promising large royalties for signing up with them.  Many farmers may have signed letters of intent only to have 6 months of their time wasted.

The reality is few developers actually know how to build and execute an RNG project - most are trying to get a contract and flip it to another developer for a profit.  Other developers sign up dozens of dairies in the hopes that an investor will back them.

Novilla RNG offers free table-top evaluations for dairy farms over 1,000 cows.  The report will layout the overall economics for the developer of the RNG project and the range of royalties you should expect.  It is honest, transparent, and has no obligations. 

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RNG development in months, not years


RNG from a Dairy Perspective

Presentation 2-15-2021

Zoom Recording

Top Questions to Ask Developers

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