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Novilla RNG has partnered with dairies across the USA to build, own, and operate digester/renewable natural gas projects


Partnering with Novilla offers many benefits:

One of the Most Experienced Teams in the RNG Arena

  • Our staff has successfully built and operated eight dairy RNG projects

  • Novilla doesn’t use middlemen and works directly with farms, ensuring that “smiling salesmen” are not getting a large commission that could otherwise go to dairy farmer royalties

Transparent, Partnership Approach with Farms 

  • We are open book and will share our pro-forma financial models so you understand both our expected return and your share of the overall economics

  • We are understand the intricacies of farm economics and will work to offer the most tax-efficient solution for you

  • While we have the funding to directly capitalize the projects ourselves, we give farms an option to co-invest a minority portion of the projects

We Move Fast 

  • We limit our Letters of Intent (“LOI”) to six months.  In our experience, if a developer can’t figure things out by then, they need to move on

  • We are targeting Q2 2022 to start construction on our first projects

  • We are intentional about LOIs and only ask for exclusivity after thoroughly evaluating the projects and sharing a financial evaluation

Focused on Execution and Maximizing Benefits to the Farmer 

  • We are building only 5-6 projects per year and will not sign-up dozens of dairies that we know can’t execute on and operate efficiently

  • Partnering with Novilla allows dairies to focus on their core business, offers greater certainty of execution, and the following benefits: up-front cash proceeds + ongoing royalty revenue stream + pathogen reduction, valuable by-products, and lower carbon intensity milk