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Red Leaf RNG, LLC at Maple Row Dairy
Contract Date: August 2022
Construction Date: August 2022
Commercial Operations:  October 2023


red leaf 3.JPG

West Branch RNG, LLC at Hoogland, Maassen, and Brian Roorda Dairy
Contract Date: Q4 2022
Construction Date: Q1 2023
Commercial Operations: Q1 2024


hoogland corn.jpg

Bellevue RNG Project at Pleasant Valley Farms 
Contract Date: Dec 2022
Commercial Operation:  Summer 2024


Buckhorn  RNG, LLC at Lynn Bros Dairy
Contract Date: April 2023
Construction Date: Fall 2023
Commercial Operations: Q2 2024


bellevue tour.jpg

Three Petals RNG, LLC at Trillium Hill Farm
Contract Date: May 2022
Construction Date: July 2022
Commercial Operations: October 2023


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