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Construction Ready...

RNG Development in Months, Not Years


Experience that creates solutions for dairies

With over a decade of personal experience converting manure derived anaerobic digester gas and landfill gas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), our mission is to enable the American farmer to convert a liability into an income stream. 


Our team helped pioneer the design and operations of dairy manure based RNG plants and we understand the profit drivers and mistakes to avoid in converting animal waste to a beneficial fuel.  We can assess the viability of a RNG project at your dairy  and have the expertise to make it happen.

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Interested in purchasing ultra low carbon intensity natural gas?

Novilla is placing natural gas with 2023 and 2024 availability in the -220 to -290 carbon intensity score range.  This means your organization can be carbon neutral with 1 part of our renewable natural gas for every 3 parts of geological natural gas.  If interested in purchasing renewable natural gas while supporting America's rural economy, contact us below.

Dairy Farmers
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Novilla RNG can provide a valuation of an RNG project at your farm

News and Events

Novilla RNG announces its first project in Vermont at Pleasant Valley Farms

Novilla RNG has submitted its Act 248 permit filing for Bellevue RNG with expectations to begin construction in 2023​



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Novilla RNG's West Branch project is under construction !



Click on link below for Iowa Farm Bureau coverage of Novilla RNG's third RNG project that injects natural gas into the Sioux Center, IA pipeline network

Novilla RNG begins construction of its second dairy RNG facility


Novilla RNG has started construction of its dairy RNG project at Maple Row Dairy with expected commissioning in 2023



Novilla RNG begins construction of RNG project at Trillium Hill Farm


Novilla RNG has started construction of dairy RNG project at Trillium Hill Farm eight months after execution of the letter of intent and two months after execution of the definitive contract.



Project Red Leaf Press Release

Project Three Petals Press Release

Bellevue RNG Press Release

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